For the Professional:

KrasoTech® telemetry of temperature and pressure - Wireless data transfer
The KrasoTech® telemetry allows accurate measurement of temperature and pressure, as well as the wireless transmission of measurement data to the main unit.
The telemetry comes with our KrasoTech® evaluation and monitoring software.
This device, like all KrasoTech® devices has system compatibility.
For example with the measurement data from the telemetry the KrasoTherm® can automatically set adjustments to the heating temperature and calculate the heating intervals.

  • Consisting of a main unit and at least two transmitter units
  • Main unit is installed in a robust case
  • Guaranteed transmission range within buildings: 50m
  • Guaranteed Transmission distance outside buildings: 100m
  • Transmission range under normal conditions in free field: 500m
  • Temperature is measured by means of thermo-wire.
  • Factory standard temperature range of 0 ° C-150 ° C or according to customer wishes
  • Main unit and the transmitter units record constant measurement data
  • Data collection in all components even by signal loss
  • Battery life: 14 days at 24 hours of continuous operation
  • Evaluation of the actual temperature to the main unit
  • Current temperature on all components readable
  • Visual and audible signal in accidents involving automatic fault reporting
  • Export of measurement data via USB interface with the KrasoTech® software possible
KrasoTech Telemetrie

For the beginner:

Temperature Data Logger
  • 2 inputs for thermo wire
  • Indikator with display, all channels at a glance
  • Temperature range from -200 °C to +1370 °C
  • High measuring accuracy
  • With two external temperature sensors
  • Small and compact, Easy to use

Temperature is measured by means of thermo-wire

Temperature Data Logger

With the KrasoTech® telemetry system for steam regulation including integrated sound insulation and documentation, the steam setting for all heaters can be set thus ensuring that your existing systems can work more efficiently!
This system can also be used for the regulation of other media.

KrasoTech Telemetrie
KrasoTech Telemetrie

Did you know?
With the KrasoTech® Aqua Control telemetry for the water tower you have your water column under control!
The KrasoTech® Aqua Control monitors, regulates and records permanently on your water column.
Visual and acoustic alerts take place during failures.
Ask for our KrasoTech® telemetry systems for the water column!

Packer in different types and versions – custom made
Flexpacker with and without feed-through (bypass);
with and without adjustable rollers.


Sealing Packers – custom made
We manufacture according to customer requirements.


Mechanical cleaning equipment

Mechanical cleaning equipment
Mechanical cleaning equipment
Mechanical cleaning equipment
Cable Winch
  • Winch with control cable or remote control
  • Quick change battery
  • Quick charging battery charging unit (24V) under a stainless steel cover
  • Speed regulation
  • Traction power standard 5000 kg or 7000 kg or according to requirement
  • With manhole interlock system and deflection rollers
  • And many more….
Cable Winch

Traction Tape in all strengths with certificate
Standards available in the following strengths:
1.2 t pulling force
2.5 tons traction
5.0 t pulling force
7.0 tons traction
Standard length 100m but up to 500m at a time possible.
With integral meter sub-division for easy length determination.
On request also available with printing and desired colour

Traction Tape

Vacuum pump
Powerful vacuum pumps in all variations.
Various racks, with vacuum hose and suction cup.

Vacuum pump
Vacuum pump

We manufacture also special tools and systems according to your needs and wishes!